EMilio Mils

Entertainer | Speaker Designer

Yogi Artist Human

" To create is to wield the power of the gods."

Everyone has a story to tell and I’m great at telling stories. As a millennial, I resonate well with today’s largest consumer market. I’ve endorsed hundreds of people, businesses, products & events as an ambassador, product tester and content creator. As a published writer, poet & lyricist, I’ve written & voiced on-air commercials and promotions for 6 major radio stations and 7 brands in the Sacramento market alone.

I’ve been featured on over a dozen websites & podcasts, over 1,100 social media pages and in a handful of news broadcasts. I've also Emcee’d festivals, concerts, tours and outdoor events with over 10,000 people in attendance and have acted on TV and in films.

My modeling background consists of commercial, promotional, fitness,

fashion and editorial work.

As an artist and designer I have created digital media from logos and brand marks to YouTube videos & social media posts. My passion for creativity and my wild imagination allow me to push the confines of any box. If I had a superpower in art and design I would say it was ideation. Coming up with the ideas is the easy part. Bringing them to life is a whole other story.

My ultimate goal is to bring enjoyment, value and inspiration to people’s lives.  I strongly believe in collaboration over competition.

The most efficient and effective way to grow is together.

Let’s change the world, one smile at a time.


Here's a blog post If you want to know more.

Behind the Brand.

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