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Behind the Brand

The saying, “You were born to do this” seems to fit perfectly regarding my love for performance and creative art. No matter the career choices I made, being it auto sales, the military or whatever, I always found myself craving a creative outlet above all.  As a young child, I cultivated my creativity daily. If I wasn't singing or acting like my favorite movie star , I was writing poetry or drawing faces on pictures of fruit. I was a full blown creative. Even if I didn't know it at the time.

My late childhood and teen years were more focused on sports and preparing for a "realistic" profession due to parental and societal pressures. This eventually led me to drop out of my 1st run at college in the very first semester, join a music group and make music full time. After

2 1/2 years of the homeless starving artist life, I joined the military with one goal in mind. Turn one of my creative outlets into a professional career.

After countless hours of research and analysis, I decided to enter into the communication field and use my written and verbal talents in Broadcast Media. Which apparently, I had been practicing for my entire life.  As I got older, I’d get in much more trouble than my peers for talking because I “influenced their moods and behaviors.” If I thought something was dumb, most others thought it was dumb and if I said it was cool, it was. Some of my childhood school teachers expressed their belief that my constant yapping would get me nowhere, but here I am. Still talking and getting paid to do it. lol

You could say I was the class clown, but I was more than that. I was a showman. I wasn't shy or unsure of myself and the more that people were entertained, the more fun I had. I was constantly chosen for leadership roles because of my ability to command a crowd.

Entertaining those around me was second nature and my dreams were much too big for the small town of Midwest City, Oklahoma. That was the final realization that brought me to

join the Air Force . Straight to California, I went, where I served honorably for 5 ½ years including a short tour to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom before medically retiring.

After my service, I refocused on using my personality and gift of gab to begin a career in multimedia communication and advertisement. I turned a radio internship into a social media management and communication position where I had the opportunity to further cultivate my creativity by writing and voicing on-air commercials and doing some digital design

for web and social media. 

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies while I grew my own social media following with posts about good food, good people, positivity, minimalistic life tips, art and creativity. I soon caught the attention of businesses, marketers, photographers and film makers alike which started me down this path that I now know, I am truly destined for.

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